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The 9850GB PLUS with 3 color screen
School level?
Introduced year1996
Frequency of CPU?
Memory Storage20/28/30/61 kilobyte
Screen Size (px)128x64
ScreenColor3 color or black
Symbolic computation?
Official Website?


In 1996, Casio released this family to update their Power Graphic series. These models vary mainly by amount of supported functions and usable memory. Information on the originals is getting harder to get these days, though manual sections are still available from Casio.


Most of these models are similar to the French Graph 30/35/35+, but some only have 26k of usable memory. All but the fx-7400G+/9750G+ have color support, though this is limited to graphs drawn in green, blue and orange instead of black.

Model Colour User Memory Screen Size Features
fx-7400G+ No 20k 80x48 Unknown
fx-9750G+ No 28k 128x64 Finance Applet
CFX-9850G+ Three 30k 128x64 Unknown
CFX-9850GB+ Three 30k 128x64 Library
CFX-9850GC+ Three 61k 128x64 Unknown
CFX-9950GB+ Three 61k 128x64 Library
CFX-9970G Three 61k 128x64 CAS