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My name is .... well, it doesn't matter what my real name is. To the rest of the world, I'm brickviking. I have multiple interests, but I happen to be interested in programming.

Calculators I own

I currently have the following calculators:

  • Canon F-804P. Not a very good looking calculator, and the manual's abysmal English doesn't help the impression. However, this calculator happens to have a decent precision if you can dig under the initial ten digits.
  • Casio fx-82MS/fx-82TL. The 82TL first made me aware of command history, and the 82MS improved on it dramatically. I converted the 82TL into somewhat of a 85TL by fitting a solar panel to the front face of the calculator along with a diode to drop the voltage slightly.
  • Casio fx-9750G+. I got this back in 2008, this was my first programmable calculator after the HP-34C. I created a grocery accounting application in Casio Basic, and still use the same application today. I have details in the blog post I wrote at the time.
  • HP-50G. The beefiest, and most expensive—though not by much. I paid about half the normal cost for my HP-50G.
  • Casio fx-9750GII. My most recent purchase, and I've since upgraded the OS to fx-9860GII. This is the SH-4a model, and works quite well.

Previous calculators

My first calculator was a HP-34C, and was where I first found out about programming on calculators. It's also where I found out that HP could take a non-integer, and run the Gamma function on it; effectively the factorial function on a non-integer. I originally thought I'd keep the calculator, but hardware failings led me to eventually throw it out. I also had a Sharp PC1247, but it also hasn't survived to the present date. I also bought a HP-10S, which failed very early on, with bad LCD.

Other odd hardware

I own a small iPaq which has a little PPC chip running at 300 MHz, it seems to drive the little colour screen quite well. It runs Windows Mobile, and provided me with the ability to read ebooks in a very portable, easy to carry profile. I've also got a desktop computer running Windows and Linux. Not much else to say.