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OWBasic implements BASIC for the Pocketviewer family from Casio.


Some years ago, Casio released an SDK for the Pocket Viewer, which amongst other things produced a programmable interpreter/compiler called OWBasic put together by Wolfgang Ortmann. OWBasic was an implementation of the original BASIC programming language.

OWbasic has most of the BASIC commands such as PROC, GOSUB, conditional IF/THEN statements and some others for graphing. OWBasic also allows a user to develop applications for string text, taking the CasioPV beyond the normal limits imposed by a standard programmable calculator.

OWBasic compiles a block of binary code which is then run on the interpreter, which is faster than interpreting individual text instruction lines at run time.

It has been ported to classpad by Vanhoa, and is available here. There is the original post by Vanhoa.

As you can see, Vanhoa keeped the old PV Interface, which is really awfull compared to the Classpad UI. Unfortunately, he didn't released source code, so we cannot try to change this.

Vanhoa's port seems to be faster than CPLua and to support a lots of interresting features, such as greyscale, Timers, ...

To write script on your Classpad, you should use I-Edit, which allows to edit a program and then directly to start OWBasic to compile and execute it. The programs have to be written as memo.

Getting Started

  • First download it here.
  • Then send the .cpa to your classpad with FA-CP1 or Classpad Add-In Installer (tutorial will be avalaible soon)
  • Go to the main menu on your Classpad and open the application OWBasic
  • After starting OWBasic you get a menu of the available basic programs. Select the one you want and enjoy.

OWBasic Standard Library

The OWBasic Standard Library is an attempt to create a library without reaching an uncomfortable size, containing general solutions for the most frequent tasks occuring in OWBasic. For more information and documentation, have a look here.

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