Casio USB Power Graphic 2 : Add-in Compatibility List

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The new casio Fx9860 with label USB Power Graphic 2, now support sdhc cards up to 32gb and use an SH-4A CPU without FPU (SH-7305) like on the Prizm.

However, programs/games compatibility is compromised, with changes in some sdk functions and port addresses. According to the reports of some users maybe more than 70% of the add-in games/programs do not work in the new model.

On the left of the image is the new model USB Power Graphic 2, on the right is the old model.

Power graphic 2 label.png


Add-in Author
PWman Pigeonv
CPUSpeed (no extra speed) Kucalc
Cas Pierrotll/Alex
Explorer Pierrotll
Noteview SimonLothar
Angry Birds Louloux
Starwars 3D Louloux
Units Cesar Freire
DBalance Diameter
Jump Canta
Andropow Test 2 Btl
Fusebomb aapman55
Portal2D Javierxd
Andropow Test Btl

No work:

Add-in Author
Metro Siberia 2 DarkStorm
Mario Land Ce Bebe-vador
Santa Night Pierrotll
Doodle Jump Kevkevvtt
Wolfenstein 3D Kelli
Gravity Duck Pierrotll
Man Vs Rocks P.o.
Pong C Nitrosax
Pacman Menno
Arkanoid Menno
Pool Menno
Xtrmocas xtrmo
TERMFX (freeze) Kucalc
Days of Rage Kucalc
Edit 1.60 Neptune45