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The MsgBox allow you to write a message on a page so that other users are aware of information was about this page. As this message:

This page is protected
Because it is used on many pages.

MsgBox ReadyToUse

This type of MsgBox are ready to be used. There just needs to write their names so that they appear. Prefer this type of MsgBox rather than personalized : list of MsgBox ReadyToUse.

Personalized MsgBox

Minimal call : Title

To make a minimal call to MsgBox, you just need to specify the title:

{{MsgBox|title=Hello !}}


Hello !


You can add text under the title:

{{MsgBox|title=Hello !|text=World !}}


Hello !
World !


You can change the theme of the MsgBox. To change the theme, add the parameter "theme" as below:

{{MsgBox|title=Hello !|theme=NameOfTheme}}

There are currently 3 themes, replace "NameOfTheme" by one of them:

Name of theme Result
(default theme)
This is blue theme
This is orange theme
This is red theme


You can change the icon in any image imported into the wiki, the recomended size is 35x35px.To change the icon, add the parameter "icon" as below:

{{MsgBox|title=Hello !|icon=nameOfIcon}}

Here is the list of recommended icon:

Name of icon Icon
Template_MsgBox_blueInfo.png Template MsgBox blueInfo.png
Template_MsgBox_orangeWarning.png Template MsgBox orangeWarning.png
Template_MsgBox_redSerious.png Template MsgBox redSerious.png
Template_MsgBox_Pen.png Template MsgBox Pen.png

Colors of background and border

You can change the color of the border and background by adding the parameters "BorderColor" and "BgColor". You can use color names like "red" or "blue", or the hex value that you can recover on this site on the top: "#?????". Remember to write the # for this to work. Example:

{{MsgBox|title=Hello !|BgColor=yellow|BorderColor=#FF00AE}}


Hello !

Style of title and text

You can change the style of the title and text. To this add the parameters "TitleStyle" and "TextStyle". Complete them with CSS. Example:

{{MsgBox|title=Hello !|text=Yeeah|TitleStyle=color:#00FF44;text-decoration:underline;|TextStyle=border:solid Red 1px;}}


Hello !