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Rules for the Main Page

- Do not put more than 4 models per series. This allows for a table that fits perfectly in smaller netbook screen (and shelves) 1024x600. - Do not put more than 2 pictures per series.

Suggestion for the Main Page


Open Discussion About the main page


Bug "department"

Bug of "Français" few time on Template:MsgBox

On the page Template:MsgBox, see at left, "Other languages". There 8 links "Français". Same bug at this french page.
I tried to remove "[fr:Modèle::MsgBox]", but the bug still persist.
FIX::The link "en:template:MsgBox" must be in noinclude otherwise it is called each time the template is used, and as the template is used eight times in the page... In addition we must validate two times the changes of a page template, for the changes to the template are counting on snuff in the change.--Ziqumu (talk) 17:37, 12 June 2012 (CDT)