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Text-Series.png Category:Casio_CFX_series Afx Series (g100) Classpad Series Fx9860 Series Casio Prizm Series
CFX-9850GB PLUS-h100.jpg
  • Afx 1.0
  • Afx 2.0
  • Classpad 300
  • Classpad 300+
  • Classpad 330
  • Classpad 330+
  • Fx9860 G
  • Fx9860 G SD
  • Fx9860 G II
  • Fx9860 G II SD
  • See more..
  • Fx-Cg10
  • Fx-Cg20
Text-Casio Basic.png Yes


Some Diferences


Bigger screen, new programs format g1m, new chars, etc


Info about using colors, images...

Text-C ASM.png
Text-Alternative Dev..png None Lua for AFX series CPLua
  • None (Yet)

under construction...