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| logo=Casio_fx9860G_SDK_Icon_48x48.png
| logo=Casio_fx9860G_SDK_Icon_48x48.png
| logoCaption= fx9860G SDK icon  
| logoCaption= fx9860G SDK icon  
| screenshot=9860G_SDK.jpg
| screenshot=Fx-9860G SDK.jpg
| caption=fx9860G SDK
| caption=fx9860G SDK
| author=?
| author=?

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Fx-9860G SDK
Casio fx9860G SDK Icon 48x48.png
fx9860G SDK icon
Fx-9860G SDK.jpg
fx9860G SDK
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Casio fx9860G SDK (Software Development Kit) is an integrated development environment (IDE) from Casio, based on the Renesas SHC compiler. It is used to develop Addins applications for Fx9860 Series calculators. Published on January 22 2007, never updated, it's still downlodable on edu.casio.com (registration and calculator serial number required) with some PDF documentations. The application window include a notepade-like text editor, an emulator and a debugger.

The very first addin produced with the SDK is Ultimate Snake, published on January 23, developed by Muelsaco (co-creator of Planet-casio.com).


The Renesas SHC compiler respect the ANSI C standard (C89).

Much of standard library is supported except input-output parts (console and file). SDK include a library (fxlib.h) with platform-specific functions (drawing, keyboard input, file-managment, timers).