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Fx-9750gii xlarge.jpg
The fx-9750GII initial revision
School levelHigh School
Introduced year2009
Frequency of CPU29MHz
RAM64 Kilobytes
Memory Storage0
Screen Size (px)128x64
ConnectivitySerial, USB
Symbolic computationN
Official Websitewww.casioeducation.com


This model is the international equivalent of the French G35+. Several improvements have been made since the release of the original fx-9750G and the fx-9750G+, as it now has 62 kb of usable memory instead of 28 kb, and has had two major revisions. The earlier model uses a SH3 CPU and has a deep blue case shell with a white keyboard surround. It's often referred to as a USB Power Graphic, and is informally referred to as the fx-9750GII-1. The newer model uses a SH4a CPU, has a white case shell, with a deep blue keyboard surround, and is informally known as the fx-9750GII-2. Other colour options exist, such as a pink case and surround, or yellow case shell and white surround specifically for school supply. This final variant has the words "School Supply" on the bottom of the keyboard area.

Labelling on the retail packaging of this model varies, sometimes being the same as its direct predecessor, or sometimes using the label "USB Power Graphic 2", although the -2 is not printed on the case, neither is there anything else obvious to distinguish it from its predecessor.

A calculator for the budget-minded

Casio made this a lower cost, function-reduced equivalent to the fx-9860GII, aimed at budget-conscious customers who don't need the additional functions. Several options available in its big brother were either cut-down, or removed altogether.

Missing hardware

The fx-9750GII doesn't have the hardware for the backlight, and doesn't have the SD card support found in the fx-9860GII SD. Neither of these can be added in. In the plastic retail packaging, the calculator's often supplied only with the unit-to-unit cable and a set of batteries, or merely the batteries, so you'll additionally need the right USB cable if you want to connect the calculator to a computer, and you'll also need to download the FA-124 software from Casio's website. As the model is a cut-down fx-9860GII, selecting that under Graphic Models will bring you to the correct software.

Missing software

It doesn't contain the eActivity or Spreadsheet applications. In addition, you are unable to install Add-Ins, as the FA-124 software simply won't allow you to install .G1A files. There's no access to flash storage, no S-V.P.A.M.™ natural input or output, and no vector operations. However, you are still able to program in Casio Basic, and everything else works like the fx-9860GII except for those points.


You can obtain PDF manuals for the fx-9750GII, and these manuals will also cover the fx-9860GII/fx-9860GII-SD, with small changes as noted in those manuals. A Quick-reference guide is also available specifically for the fx-9750GII.


The OS can be easily upgraded to the OS available for the fx-9860GII. You'll need a copy of the latest fxRemote, a copy of the latest available fx-9860GII BIOS, the USB cable that connects your calculator to the computer, and finally a relatively fresh set of batteries. It's very important you know which model of CPU your calculator has, as this affects which BIOS image you'll flash onto the calculator. Several people have reported bricking their calculator and making it unusable (and unrepairable).

You can check what version of the OS you have already, by checking the Memory application in the calculator. If it has a version string of 2.02.xxxx or later (the xxx's are numbers which don't matter for this discussion) then your calculator has a SH4 CPU. If it's 2.01.xxx or earlier, you probably have a SH3 CPU.

Check out this external page(broken link) once you have all the right programs.

Later upgrades for the 9750gII/9860gII also remove the vector operations in favour of functionality suitable for examinations.